RIBA Professional Education and Development Record (PEDR)

2011 changes to the PEDR recording system

The RIBA's new Practical Experience Eligibility Criteria have required a number of interim changes to be made to the PEDR recording system. These changes were made live in August 2011 and revised guidance is now available on the website.

Changes at a glance

  • Categories of experience: previously lettered A-K, now revised categories i-iii
  • Location of experience: previously options UK or overseas, now revised to UK; EEA/Channel Islands/Isle of Man; overseas
  • Terminology – emphasis on placement provider rather than office or practice
  • Employment mentor – emphasis on professional rather than just architect
  • RIBA Work Stages – now with revised headings as per the selected RIBA of Plan of Work
  • Activities – free text boxes replacing fixed 'non project hours' section
  • Reflective Experience Summary – replaces Comments section, same 5 box structure but redesigned headings to encourage greater reflection by student on their experience
  • Student/Mentor Appraisal – structured section to encourage dialogue between student and mentor
  • Professional Studies Advisor's guidance – now includes structured headings designed to give students better understanding of their progress and elements they need to improve upon

Please read the below list for guidance on the immediate interim changes and how they may affect you when completing current and future sheets:

  • Sheets which have been printed as final copy prior to August 2011
    Sheets which have been printed as a final copy before August 2011 will remain stored in the system and you will be able to view them as pre-August 2011 versions. Printed final copies of sheets, which have been signed off by an employment mentor and Professional Studies Advisor, will not be affected by the interim changes. These sheets will remain valid and acceptable to schools of architecture.

  • Sheets which have been created prior to August 2011 and are currently unfinished/ Sheets which have been completed and printed as a final copy but need to be corrected
    Unfinished sheets, which have been created before August 2011, will be subject to some minor interim changes. Please note that you will not lose any data which has previously been entered in to the sheet. In order to highlight the immediate changes and how these will affect existing sheets, we have created a guide to completing unfinished sheets. The guide will assist you in completing an existing sheet and will also act as an introduction to the main changes on the new PEDR recording system.

  • New and subsequent sheets, created on or after 10 August 2011
    After 10 August 2011, any new sheets you create will automatically be in the new format. To guide you through the changes, we recommend that you read the online guide to completing new PEDR sheets and a sample of a completed record sheet is also available.

We recommend that you discuss the above changes to the PEDR recording system with your employment mentor and we would also encourage them to read the guidance for employers.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the feedback form.