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RIBA Policy on Pay and Conditions

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January 2016 - RIBA pay policy for students undertaking practical training

As of 1 January 2016, all RIBA Chartered Practices are required to commit to paying at least the UK Living Wage, or where applicable the London Living Wage, to architecture students working within the practice. These students must be undertaking experience which complies with the RIBA's practical training rule, and should be completing appropriate records on the RIBA's PEDR website as part of the accreditation criteria.

The Living Wage

The Living Wage is set annually by the Living Wage Foundation and calculated by the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University. The London Living Wage is also set annually by the Living Wage Foundation and calculated by the Greater London Authority, it covers all boroughs in London.

Statutory responsibilities

All employees should have an employment contract with their employer. A contract is an agreement that sets out an employee’s terms:

  • employment conditions
  • rights
  • responsibilities
  • duties

Model employment contracts developed by the RIBA for use by practices employing students can be viewed here: Model employment contracts

The Working Time Regulations

The Working Time Regulations limit an employee's working hours to an average of 48 hours per week. In order to exceed this, the employee must be asked to sign a voluntary waiver.

For more information see FAQs for the living wage