RIBA Professional Education and Development Record (PEDR)

Sample Edit Screen

This is a sample of the screen for entering details of a Professional Studies Advisor. See below for an explanation of the areas indicated by the coloured symbols.

Sample edit screen

Icon referring to the sheet number This screen is part of the section for editing quarterly records. The sheet number is shown at the top of every page so that you know which sheet you are editing.

Icon referring to the list of PSAs This is a list of the PSAs from all of this student's quarterly records. You can click on one of these to add it to this record so you don't need to retype the information.

Icon referring to the PSA details The PSA shown in these boxes is always the one that appears in the record. You can type in these boxes to enter a new PSA or amend the details already entered.

Icon referring to the links If you click on the 'Save and proceed to next step' button on every page the site will guide you through entering your quarterly record.