RIBA Professional Education and Development Record (PEDR)

Completing new quarterly record sheets

The introduction of the RIBA's new Practical Experience Eligibility Criteria has resulted in a number of changes being made to the PEDR online recording facility. These changes were made live on 10 August 2011. The changes will apply to all student users of the site, whether you have already started one or more record sheets (if you need to finish off a sheet that you have already started, please see the guide to completing unfinished sheets); whether you are logging in to start your next sheet; or whether you are using the system for the first time.

This guide is intended to inform students about the interim changes, and to provide assistance with the completion of a new record sheet on the PEDR. The format of the guide is designed to navigate students through each section of a sample sheet as if they were completing a new sheet for the first time. The table below shows the order of new headings for each section of a new sheet, and, under each heading, the main information a student would need to enter is highlighted.

You can view a sample completed new record sheet below (records open in a new window):
Example quarterly record as html
Example quarterly record as pdf

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the RIBA via the feedback form.

First Steps

If you have not done so already, firstly you need to create an account for yourself.

If you have already created an account but cannot remember your log-in details, please use the password reminder service or contact us via the feedback form.

In order to start adding information to your record, you will need to pay or renew your subscription. If you have not paid or your subscription needs to be renewed the payment methods will be detailed after you log in.

Menu headings

  • General Information
  • Employment Mentor
  • Professional Studies Advisor
  • Projects
  • Activities
  • Reflective Experience Summary
  • Student/Mentor Appraisal

General Information Section

General information screen
1. Length of experience

A period of 3 months duration is the standard (and maximum) period of experience that can be included in each record sheet. However, periods of less than 3 months may also be accepted at your PSA's discretion.

2. Category of Experience

There are three categories to choose from when recording your experience:

Category Location of Professional Experience
i Experience of architectural practice in the UK, EEA, Channel Islands or Isle of Man, under the direct supervision of an architect either registered with the Architects Registration Board or registered within the territory where the experience is being undertaken.
ii Experience of architectural practice in any other location, under the direct supervision of an architect registered within the territory where the experience is being undertaken
iii Experience within the construction industry under the supervision of a qualified professional within the relevant field
3. Location

The new Practical Experience Eligibility Criteria states that you should work for at least 12 months in an EEA member state (including the UK), the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, under the supervision of an architect. The remaining 12 months may be undertaken anywhere in the world. Therefore, the locations you can choose from are: 'UK', the 'EEA/Channel Islands/Isle of Man' or 'Overseas'.

4. Experience Level
  • Stage 1 is defined as 'experience undertaken any time between the start of a Part 1 course and the start of a Part 2 course'
  • Stage 2 is defined as 'experience undertaken any time from the start of a Part 2 course up until taking Part 3'
5. Placement Provider details

Record the contact details and a brief description of your placement provider here. You can also indicate if you are undertaking an additional placement alongside your professional experience. Additional placements could include activities such as undertaking a few hours of writing for a magazine or teaching at a local school of architecture. You should choose the more appropriate of the two placements to record in depth on the PEDR.

Employment Mentor section

Employment Mentor screen

Here you should enter your Mentor's 'Profession', 'Membership of professional bodies' and 'Professional Registration number'.

Professional Studies Advisor section

In this section you should enter the contact details of your Professional Studies Advisor.

Projects section

Projects screen

The Projects section contains areas to fill out a description of the project(s) you are working on; the tasks you have completed, and a record of the hours undertaken against the relevant RIBA Work Stages. For each project you can choose whether to record hours against the 2007 or the 2013 version of the RIBA Plan of Work. For more information see recording against the RIBA Plan of Work.

Activities section

This section allows you to record tasks undertaken under the heading 'Office Management', such as marketing, strategy; as well as more general activities such as attending Part 3 course lectures, CPD and holiday absence. If you have filled all the boxes, click 'save and stay on this page' and an additional box will be automatically created to allow for more activities to be entered.

Activities screen

Reflective Experience Summary

The aim of this section is to encourage you to reflect on the experience you have undertaken, and discuss what you have gained from it. There are 5 boxes with structured headings and guidance for each one on the kind of information to fill out.

Reflective Experience Summary screen

Student/Mentor Appraisal

This section has been designed as a mini agenda for a meeting between you and your employment mentor, to discuss your progress over the period covered by the record sheet. Unlike the other sections, it is not completed online – the template will automatically be generated when you view or print your record sheet so that it can be completed by hand; or alternatively, you can download an MS Word version of the Student/Employment Mentor Appraisal template to complete electronically, then print and attach to your record prior to sending it to your Professional Studies Advisor.

Student/Mentor Appraisal screen

Viewing and printing your record

You can view your record at any stage by choosing this option from the menu. You should only print your record sheets as a draft copy until you are satisfied that everything is correct. Once you print the sheet as a final copy, it is then locked on the PEDR system and cannot be edited. However, if you print the record as final copy by mistake, then need to make changes to it, please contact us via the feedback form for advice. You can also email your record sheet by viewing as a PDF version and then saving a copy.

Viewing and printing screen

Professional Studies Advisor's Guidance

Once you and your mentor have completed the Student/Mentor appraisal, you should then send your completed sheet to your Professional Studies Advisor, so that they can add their comments. The template for Professional Studies Advisor's comments encourages the provision of structured feedback at the end of each period of experience. The new template can be completed by hand or a Word Document of the PSA's template can be downloaded from the Guide for Professional Studies Advisors. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the completed PEDR sheet is sent to their PSA no later than 2 months after the end of the period of experience covered in the sheet. It is also your responsibility to keep the sheets safe once they have been returned to you!