RIBA Professional Education and Development Record (PEDR)


ARB The Architects Registration Board
Architect In the UK an architect is a person who is registered with the Architects Registration Board, and may be a chartered member of the RIBA. Outside the UK, an architect is a person who complies with the local regulations (or competent authority in the EU), concerning the use of the title or function of an architect.
CPD Continuing Professional Development
Direct supervision The person supervising the student should have responsibility for and control over the work being undertaken. Direct supervision does not imply that the Employment Mentor necessarily employs the student
Employment Mentor The Employment Mentor is the individual who directly supervises and has detailed professional knowledge of the work prepared by the student undertaking professional experience. The Employment Mentor should be an architect with at least 5 years' experience of the design of buildings and the administration of subsequent contracts. In non-architectural work settings, the Employment Mentor should be an experienced professional in their own field, and if possible, a member of an appropriate professional organisation. The Employment Mentor may not necessarily directly employ the student.
Learning Objectives The learning objectives of professional experience are specific competencies expressed as an ability to complete a defined task. Students, as part of their Part 3 Examination, are required to demonstrate their competency in meeting the RIBA Part 3 criteria
Location of Experience The office, or place of work where professional experience is undertaken. This is most usually an architect's office, in the United Kingdom or overseas, but can be a variety of other settings, for example a Quantity Surveyor's office.
PEDR Professional Experience and Development Record
Practical experience Experience which consists of activities which would typically be undertaken by an architect in practice. (The Part 3 Criteria are helpful in setting out in broad terms, some of the activities which are likely to be required to be undertaken).
Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) The Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) is a member of staff at an RIBA recognised school of architecture with responsibility for teaching professional studies and for monitoring students during their professional experience.
Professional working in the construction industry Will be an architect registered in the territory where the experience is being undertaken or a chartered or similarly qualified member of an appropriate professional body. The ‘construction industry' will include qualified professionals typically involved in the procurement, design and management of the built environment
Stage 1 Professional Experience Professional Experience undertaken any time between the start of a Part 1 course and the start of a Part 2 course
Stage 2 Professional Experience Professional Experience undertaken any time from the start of a Part 2 course up until taking Part 3
Student The student is the individual undertaking professional experience and development as a part of the RIBA Examination in Professional Practice and Management (Part 3), the final examination of an architectural student's training. The status of the student is that of an employee first and foremost, but they may also be a registered student on an RIBA validated course of study.