RIBA Professional Education and Development Record (PEDR)

Duties and Responsibilities of the Student

Getting the most out of your professional experience depends on how well you manage the relationship between you, your workplace and your school of architecture. Professional experience requires certain duties and responsibilities to be observed by you in the workplace, and you should ensure that your employer and Employment Mentor understand their reciprocal responsibilities to you as a student in the workplace.

The following table describes what is expected of you during professional experience, and what you can expect from your office and school of architecture, in return for monitoring your PEDR and providing a structured learning environment.

What is required of you.
You must;
Your office should provide; Your school of architecture should provide;

comply with the code of professional conduct set by the RIBA

notify your PSA of the name and address of your office and Employment Mentor

the name of your Employment Mentor who will supervise your daily work and help you to achieve the goals and objectives of your professional experience period the name of your Professional Studies Advisor who will oversee your professional experience and development
b take responsibility for your own learning, so that by the end of your professional experience, you will be ready to accept the responsibilities of a registered architect and continue with your own CPD comments on your achievement for each period of professional experience recorded on the PEDR comments on your achievement for each period of professional experience recorded on the PEDR
c take responsibility for your own work within the office, subject to supervision by your Employment Mentor a job description and contract of appointment providing information about your hours of work, salary, holiday and sick pay entitlement, the time allocated for study and opportunities for educational and professional development appropriate advice and guidance on the RIBA and ARB requirements for professional experience and development
d have a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities as an employee within the office. You are not expected to routinely undertake tasks of no educational value or work hours that are in excess of your contract, without pre-arranged overtime or time off in lieu working arrangements which ensure your personal safety and proper supervision at all times, including being told of arrangements for cover in times of absence details of recall days or Part 3 course programme, including times and dates for attendance at courses, educational support and access to learning resources
e not undertake a task for which you have not been adequately prepared. If at any time you are in doubt, you should ask for help from more experienced colleagues systematic professional training which should include first hand experience of a range of general procedures and tasks as well as some which may be more geared to any specialist services offered by the organization

a sense that you are a valued employee and member of the team
effective communication with your Employment Mentor, university, RIBA, and other consultants and principals involved in the supervision of students in placement
f complete the professional experience and development record in a fair, open and timely manner, agreeing with the office in advance the inclusion of any material generated in the office. sign and date the professional experience and development record in a fair, open and timely manner, not unreasonably withholding agreement to the inclusion of any material generated in the office to supplement the record sheets. guidance from your Professional Studies Advisor on the appropriateness and completeness of the work included in your Professional Experience and Development Record.