RIBA Professional Education and Development Record (PEDR)

The ARB's Requirements

Under section 4(1)(a) of the Architects Act 1997, the Architects Registration Board (ARB) prescribes those qualifications and practical experience which can lead to entry onto the UK Register of Architects. In order to fulfil this duty, the Board publishes criteria which qualifications must meet in order to be recognised by the Board for the purpose of entry onto the Register of Architects. The ARB has mechanisms in place to ensure that all qualifications recognised by the Board meet these criteria and continue to do so.

The Board recognises qualifications awarded at universities, institutions or colleges at first degree level or equivalent (Part 1), diploma or second degree level or equivalent (Part 2), and examinations in professional practice (Part 3).

In addition to having recognised qualifications as above, candidates should have completed at least 24 months' practical experience under the direct supervision of a professional working in the construction industry which should include at least 12 months working in the EEA, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, under the direct supervision of an architect. Further information and guidance can be obtained from ARB.

Those admitted to the Register of Architects are, by definition, competent to practice independently in the field of architecture and use the title 'architect' in the pursuit of their professional work

For more information visit the ARB website.